About us


Let's just put it out there, fundraising is hard work.  

Anyone who has been involved with fundraising knows that it's a time-consuming process, which often relies on volunteers donating their limited time.

Espresso FUNdraising was created to be a fundraising program that's stress-free, requires little volunteer involvement, and uses a product that practically sells itself.  Plus, there's the opportunity to run this program multiple times throughout the year, creating regular income for your school, club or organisation.

Australia's obsession with coffee is growing, so why not raise  much needed funds with a product that is on the weekly shopping list.  

Unlike other fundraising schemes, Espresso FUNdraising does not require an outlay of funds, or responsibility of managing products.  We co-ordinate the collection of orders, individually pack and label the products and deliver to your nominated location.

​Espresso FUNdraising use only the best bean from Dancing Bean Espresso.  They are passionate about coffee, and this resonates throughout the company, ensuring that you have the perfect coffee in every cup.  

Espresso FUNdraising, it's stress-free fundraising.